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The British in Delhi

The British and other Europeans started settling in Delhi from 1803 after the defeat of the Marathas. At that time the Mughal Emperor was in power though in name, the administration of the city, law and order was being administered by the early British who settled in Delhi. The British Resident, Sir David Ochterlony was the first resident of the East India Company in the Mughal Court in Delhi. These early British people adapted to the local life styles and even dressed up like them at times.

The tour is divided into two parts :

Delhi before New Delhi ( First Half) – where we explore the different buildings, cemeteries etc related to the British from 1803 to 1857 and before the making of New Delhi. Tour around New Delhi Area - This tour is an indepth tour in the making of new delhi. we cover areas around the Rashtrapati Bhavan, and many other important but less known buildings around the Lyuten's zone. Coverning the architucture, town planning etc.

Explore a Different Delhi

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