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Traditional Cuisines and Street Food of Delhi

Walking through the narrow lanes of Old Delhi, one can see the variety of street food that is offered. Temptation to taste these food varieties is everywhere and every lane or mohalla of old delhi specializes in something or the other. Some of the eataries offer steaming Samosas and crisp jalebis. You can enjoy this with a cup of local masala tea.

Old Delhi is a place for the food lover’s. The culinary secrets have been passed down from generations to generations. One can try the different varieties of Paranthas made with different vegetables at the Paranthe wali Gali. Old Delhi is famous for its different varieties of Chaat, Dahi Bhallas and Aloo Tikki. The local ice cream or Kulfi mixed with dry fruits and saffron is a must to have.Old Delhi is a heaven for those interested in Mughlai Food. Different eateries open up after sunset around the Jama Masjid selling different varieties of Kababs, Mutton Nahari and other non veg items.

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